June 18, 2018

Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration & Incredibles 2 review

On this episode of the ThrillGeek Podcast we discuss the following topics:

  • Tokyo DisneySea expansion announcement - DETAILS: https://goo.gl/LxrZJd
  • “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” nighttime spectacular coming to Universal Studios Florida - DETAILS: https://goo.gl/94aBfQ
  • Jurassic World Alive Social Media Meet-up - WATCH OUR VIDEO: https://goo.gl/9uydiU
  • Blue from Jurassic World makes her debut at Raptor Encounter - WATCH OUR VIDEO: https://goo.gl/i36aMk
  • We talk about highlights from E3 2018
  • New "The Grinch" trailer - WATCH THE TRAILER: https://goo.gl/fxbxYs
  • New DUMBO trailer - WATCH THE TRAILER: https://goo.gl/QdncyK
  • New Halloween trailer
  • Incredibles 2 review (Contains spoilers. Hence why we put it at the end of the podcast)

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